Payroll efficiency starts with the pre-payroll data steps

August 9, 2022 | 5 Mins David Daly

We are always talking to our global clients about payroll efficiency-our global payroll control platform is purpose built to deliver this kind of efficiency.  The reason for this is that global payroll efficiency is so necessary today-it is such a complex world with a lot of moving parts: payroll data, integrations, compliance, reporting all merge together in a challenging process of multi country payroll delivery and management.

We look to remove obstacles, solve specific payroll related challenges and simplify the entire process with our purpose-built automation and integration platform. A key area of focus for us is the cleansing and preparing of data at the pre payroll stage.

A huge amount of work happens in the pre payroll stage as global payroll professionals at multinational companies around the world work hard to ensure that the payroll data is ready for the calculation process. This can be a real challenge as data needed for the calculation process can come from multiple sources- internal payroll software, financial software or HR systems such as Human Capital Management systems.

In this article, we are going to look at why payroll efficiency begins with the pre payroll data steps-we will then outline the Payslip approach to pre payroll on our platform and explain how it can save a great deal of time in the payroll cycle.

Data Gathering

The pre-payroll stage is the data gathering and cleansing stage which tends to require a lot of manual work to prepare the data for the next step. There is manual data entry and often duplicative data entry as global payroll professionals are forced to move data from different systems manually into the payroll calculation engine. This creates a big challenge; how do you clean the data arriving from multiple sources in different formats and prepare it for a payroll engine?

Global payroll professionals tell us all the time about their frustrations around the length of time this crucial stage takes. They understand fully that the data has to be cleansed and accurate- without this the calculation stage cannot proceed. But they also understand that in 2022, there has to be a better way than manually moving data from excel spreadsheets into payroll calculation software engines.

The manual process is subject to human error as well as data upload failure-this is usually a formatting issue and should come as no real surprise considering that payroll data is coming from multiple systems in multiple different formats-therefore it falls to the global payroll professionals to manually adjust the formats so that they align to the format required by the calculation engine. This is painstakingly slow work, filled with risk and completely lacking in operational efficiency or any kind of execution excellence. There is a better way…

Automate the pre-payroll

Payslip create and develop purpose-built automation technology, an advanced form of robotic process automation which automates and validates all of the pre-payroll data inputs prior to the payroll calculation stage.

Automating and validating global payroll data workflows is a core feature of our global payroll control platform. High volume and time-consuming manual inputs that need to be validated within short payroll cycle turnaround times is a massive payroll data challenge, so we focused on removing the manual side of this work and replace it with 100% payroll input automation & validation.

The platform ensures direct automation from source software or external vendors into the Payslip platform for automated input, checking and validation at each stage in the workflow, including the pre-payroll stage.

All incoming pre-payroll data is ingested into the platform where we apply a set of validation rules that are designed to detect errors, omissions, and malformed data. This not only removes a significant number of human touch points in the payroll process but also serves to significantly reduce the number of trial runs required to get the pre-payroll data cleansed and ready– a major pain point for global payroll professionals at organizations everywhere.

The platform automates and validates multiple source pre- payroll inputs, then collates them centrally in a standardized format.  It is the same process across all payruns, in all countries. This creates much needed time in the payrun process as your time is no longer dominated by manual entry or checking spreadsheets. Instead, you have breathing space to review and approve inputs before sending to your local country payroll provider. The calendar and work management side of pre-payroll is also automated, and tasks can be monitored and controlled via a digital dashboard and in-system alerts.


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Cleaner data, smoother payroll, better process

Automating pre-payroll data has a hugely positive impact on payroll delivery & management across multiple countries:

    • Rapid, automated payroll data and validations
    • Faster pre-payroll turnaround times
    • Time created in payrun cycles
    • Human error risk removed via automation
    • Much less trail runs for payroll engine uploads
    • Cleaner, better data supplied to local country vendors
    • Execution excellence in payroll operations

On Payslip, your local country providers also benefit from much better, cleaner data sent to them at the pre-payroll stage. The automated alerts let them know what is happening in case they need to escalate anything. Payslip is the ideal platform to use if you are experiencing problems and delays getting your pre-payroll data into shape.

You might be using ADP Streamline and have several different spreadsheets to prepare& upload as part of your pre-payroll process- this can all be automated on the Payslip platform, and you don’t have to leave ADP. Cleaner data, hours & days saved, much fewer trail runs- sounds like a dream but it is all possible on Payslip. A quick platform tour with one of our team will open your eyes to a whole new world of pre-payroll speed & efficiency. And pre-payroll is just the beginning, once you start with automation, you will never want to process multi-country payroll in any other way. It’s time to talk to Payslip!


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