Why introduce unnecessary change? Keep what’s working instead

August 12, 2022 | 5 Mins Fidelma McGuirk

Often, inside the global payroll industry, resistance to change happens for a very specific reason- fear around the complexities involved in a potentially long and arduous payroll implementation project.

Essentially, what we are talking about here is the ‘rip and replace’ concept- ripping up the old legacy process or system that you had in place and replacing it with something entirely new and different. This can occasionally be necessary but more often than not, it is met with severe resistance for a number of reasons.

Companies may have invested a lot of time and money in a specific process or technology infrastructure and are then understandably reluctant to part company with it. Even if it’s not working or has not lived up to the expectations, the initial work that was put into the project will naturally lend itself to an attitude of, ‘let’s give it a bit more time’.

But usually, it is even more nuanced than this. It is more a case that some parts of the process and system actually work very well and don’t need replacing, while other parts have failed to deliver or keep pace with the new demands around global payroll delivery and management.  In common cases like this, it does not make sense to simply throw away everything that’s good simply because some pieces are not suitable to new business needs.

In this article, we will explain why it makes much more sense to keep processes or systems that are working and look at payroll solutions that augment and enhance these existing structures. This is radically different to an unnecessary rip and replace project which would send you down the road of unnecessary change.

Trust your instincts

As a global payroll professional, manager or leader-you already have a firm grasp on what is working and what is not working. You are faced with complexity every day and you know this level of complexity is only going to increase over the coming years especially if you have strong business expansion plans that will result in moves into new countries and territories-this means more data, more employees on the ground who need to be paid and more relationships with local country vendors.

You will be fully aware that an innovative digitized global payroll process and technology solution is needed to apply some structure and management around everything that is happening. But you will also be aware that you have built up many positive relationships with existing local country vendors that you wish to keep. So, you will not want to hear about rip and replace projects and moving over to an aggregator services model where you surrender all of these relationships and find yourself at the mercy of the quality of the local providers inside the aggregator’s network.

This is surrendering control and introducing a level of change that is unnecessary- you don’t actually have a problem with the number of vendors or the services that they are delivering- instead you have a data, visibility and control problem. You need a solution that helps you manage these vendors, see what is happening across all of your payroll countries on a daily basis and crucially, a solution that consolidates all data from all payroll countries onto a single platform for centralized management and data extraction for reporting and analysis work. If you can achieve all of this without a rip and replace project or a move over to an aggregator services model, then you have a solution that can work for you, especially if this solution can scale in line with your needs.

In this case, you should always trust your instincts and not have third parties or flashy sales material send you down the road of a long and expensive project, that is all about fitting into the business model of somebody else, instead of you delivering payroll across all of your countries on your terms.

Connect, integrate and manage

You need a global payroll solution that allows you to keep what is working while also adding a layer of technology that makes day-to-day payroll delivery easier to manage. A solution that gives your payroll team digital tools to work in a smarter, faster and better way.

This is about augmenting and enhancing what you currently have so that it works better. It is about introducing automation to replace manual processes and then standardizing data and processes across all of your countries.  This can be done without rip and replace-instead you leverage automation and integration technology to integrate and connect your systems with purpose-built payroll technology. This way, your data flows into a single centrally managed platform in a standardized way across all of your countries. This data is also automated, especially at the pre payroll data input stage, which can make a huge difference.

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You then leverage integrations to connect your payroll to any internal and external ecosystems that already exist in your current payroll process- this ranges from whatever HCM you are using to automated connections with all of your local country payroll vendors right through to benefits providers and your financial software for last mile reporting and general ledger data reports.

This way you get visibility and control- and solves one of the major complexities with multi country global payroll-the ability to see and manage everything that is happening on a daily basis.

Keep the local country vendors you have established positive relationships with. Keep internal technology stacks that are needed for payroll delivery. Connect to you HR tech systems and HCMs and integrate seamlessly with whatever range of finance applications you need to. Now, you are working with existing infrastructure and optimizing how all of the systems share payroll related data.

This is a far better approach than a rip and replace project which could see you lose the local country vendors you like dealing with and end up with a payroll system that does not connect your shared data with your internal infrastructure.

Evolution, not revolution

When you don’t have to introduce unnecessary change, you are really talking about an evolution instead of a revolution. A revolution is a costly and time-consuming rip and replace that may or may not work-and evolution is keeping what works and adding digital enhancements to both make them better and at the same time bring in something new that is transformative.

It is all very achievable and simply requires you to pause and think about what you really want from your multi country payroll for the next decade. What you need is something that works with your existing technology and processes, something that can be implemented relatively quickly and something where the results are measurable and clearly defined.

A global payroll control platform represents the kind of evolution you need. It starts by bringing in all of the data from all of your sources (HCM, vendor etc), then categorizing and standardizing it at a global level. Next it introduces automation to replace manual data entry and spreadsheets. Then it moves to integrating your existing tech with the platform so you can access, view and manage all of your payrolls from a centralized platform in a single location.

You keep your HCM and local country providers, knowing you have the flexibility to swap out and change these providers anytime you need while also being able to add new ones as you grow. You end up with a single way of working across countries, leveraging a digitized process with a focus on automated validations that hugely speeds up the data cycle part of your payroll.

Smarter, faster, more accurate and better for compliance and data security-you are on a digital payroll platform, operating with standardized processes across countries and you finally have a solution to the problem of managing all of your vendors and technology stacks. This is the evolution of your payroll that will strongly position you to deliver accurate, on time and compliant payroll for the next decade. This is what a global payroll control platform can offer you-our team are ready and waiting to show you a quick platform tour right now, so talk to us today.


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